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A Suggestion

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Mr. Miner's cross-bar hive is intended to make the bees construct all

straight combs, and probably will do it. But the disadvantage of

bee-bread and brood in the boxes will not be made up by straight combs.

For the benefit of those who have been made to believe straight combs

_all important_, and perhaps have purchased the right to make the hive,

and had some constructed, and have found bee-bread in their surplus

honey, I would suggest an improvement, (that is, if it is thought the

straight combs will pay. If you have not the right for the cross-bar

hive, and you wish to use it, I would say, buy the right, and remove

all grounds of complaint with him.) Put in the bars and hive your bees

as he directs. After all the combs are started, instead of setting the

open bottom boxes (which are also unsuitable for sending to market)

directly on the bars as he recommends, take off the cloth, and with

screws fasten on a top with ten holes, that I have just described; and

then you will have the straight combs, and surplus honey in the boxes