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Categories: ROBBERIES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

But while you are learning this nice distinction, your bees may be

ruined. We will, therefore, give some other means of protection.

Bees, when they have been stealing a sack of honey from a neighboring

hive, will generally run several inches from the entrance before

flying: kill some of these; if filled with honey, they are robbers;

because it is very suspicious, to be filled with honey when leaving the

ve; or sprinkle some flour on them as they come out, and have some

one watch by the others to see if they enter. Another way is less

trouble, but will take longer, before they are checked, if robbing.

Visit them again in the course of half an hour or more, after the young

bees have had time to get back, (if it should happen to be them); but

if the bustle continues or increases, it is time to interfere. When the

entrance has been contracted as directed, close it entirely till near

sunset. When it has been left without, it should now be done, (giving

room for only one bee at a time). This will allow all that belong to

the hive to get in, and others to get out, and materially retard the

progress of the robbers.