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When To Examine Stocks That Have Swarmed

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Three weeks from the first swarm, will be the time to examine them. I

make it a rule to inspect all my stocks at this period. It is easily

done now, as about all the healthy brood (except drones) should be

matured in that time. By perseverance in these rules, I allow no stocks

to dwindle away until they are plundered by others. If all my neighbors

were equally careful, this disease would probably soon disappear. This

is like one careless farmer allowing a noxious weed to mature seeds, to

be wafted by winds on the lands of a careful neighbor, who must fortify

his mind to continual vigilance, or endure the injury of a foul pest.

So with the successful apiarian; in sections where the disease has

appeared (it has not in all), he must be continually on the watch; it

is the price of success.