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Weak Families In Most Danger

Categories: ROBBERIES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

It is weak families, that show no resistance, where we find the most

danger. In seasons of scarcity, all _good_ stocks maintain or keep

sentinels about the entrance, whose duty it appears to be to examine

every bee that attempts to enter. If it is a member of the community,

it is allowed to pass; if not, it is examined on the spot. It would

seem that a password was requisite for admittance, for no sooner does a

stranger-bee endeavor to get in, than it is known. If without necessary

credentials, there is evidence enough against it. Each bee is a

qualified jurist, judge, and executioner. There is no delay; no waiting

for witnesses for defence. The more a bee attempts to escape, the more

likely it will be to receive a sting, unless it succeeds. How strange

bees are known, would be nothing but theory, if I should attempt to

explain. Let it suffice that they are known.