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Uniting With Tobacco Smoke

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

By the use of tobacco smoke, bees may be united with nearly the same

success. First, smoke the two to be united, thoroughly; disturb them

and smoke again, that all may become partially drunk, and acquire the

same scent. Then invert both hives, and with your pruning tools, cut

the combs down on the sides of the hive, and across the top, and take

out one comb at a time with the bees on it, and brush them with a quill

the other hive; they immediately go down among the combs, without

once thinking it necessary to sting you. When done, the bees are to be

confined, the same as in the other method. I do not like this method as

well as the first, and do not resort to it when I can get the

puff-ball. The bees are more liable to disagree, and it compels me to

take out the comb, which I do not always like to do at the time. To

avoid it, I have tried to drive them, but when the hive is only part

full of combs, or contains but few bees, it is a slow job; and more so

in cool weather.