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Time Of Continuance Varies

Categories: SWARMING.
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The time of commencing will be later than this rule in some stocks, if

the weather is cool, or not many bees left; it may be ten or twelve

days. I once found it fourteen before I heard it. Also the swarm may

not issue in two or three days after you hear it. The longer the swarm

delays, the louder will be the piping; I have heard it distinctly

twenty feet, by listening attentively when I knew one was thus engaged;

but at first it is rather faint. By putting your ear against the hive

it may be heard even in the middle of the day, or at any time before

issuing. The length of time it may be heard beforehand seems to be

governed again by the yield of honey; when abundant it is common for

them to issue the next day; but when somewhat scarce, they will be much

longer--very often three or four days. In these cases third swarms

seldom occur.