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Their Industry

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Industry belongs to their nature. When the flowers yield honey, and the

weather is fine, they need no impulse from man to perform their part.

When their tenement is supplied with all things necessary to reach

another spring, or their store-house full, and no necessity or room for

an addition, and we supply them with more space, they assiduously toil

to fill it up. Rather than to waste time in idleness, during a

s yield of honey, they have been known to deposit their surplus

in combs outside the hive, or under the stand. This natural industrious

habit lies at the foundation of all the advantages in bee-keeping;

consequently our hives must be constructed with this end in view; and

at the same time not interfere with other points of their nature; but

this subject will be discussed in the next chapter. Those peculiar

traits in their nature, mentioned in this, will be more fully discussed

in different parts of this work, as they appear to be called for, and

where proof will be offered to sustain the positions here assumed,

which as yet are nothing more than mere assertions.