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Toad Got Clear

Categories: ENEMIES OF BEES.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

A toad is discovered near the hives, and forthwith he is executed as a

bee-eater. "He ought to be killed for his looks, if nothing else!" He

is thus often sacrificed _really_ on account of his appearance, while

pretending he is a villain. It is true his "feathers" will not vie in

brilliancy with the plumage of the humming-bird, and do not gratify

ideality--therefore he is dispatched. The next week the complaint is

made that the little bugs, that he might have destroyed, "have eaten up

all the little cucumbers and cabbages." His food is probably small

insects. Whoever has seen him swallow bees, must have watched closer

than I ever did.