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What May Be Seen

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Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Now instead of having one piece or pane of glass in the side of several

hives, I would recommend having one or more with glass on every side;

because we might have it on three sides, and not the fourth; and this

might contain all the queen cells, and we should miss an important

sight. There are many other things to be witnessed in such a hive. The

queen may be often seen depositing her eggs! We may see the workers

detach the scales of wax from their abdomen, and apply them to the

combs during the process of construction, see them deposit pollen from

their legs, store their honey, feed the queen, each other, their young

brood, seal over cells containing brood, honey, &c. It is further

useful as a guide for putting boxes on other hives, (that is, if it is

a good one, which it should be); we can easily ascertain whether our

bees are gaining or losing.