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It was always a subject of inquiry with me, who originated the system of
bleeding; and why it was that all kinds of doctors and physicians
persist in taking the stream of life itself from the system in order to
preserve life. In the case of General Washington, which I copy from the
Independent Chronicle of Boston, January 6, 1800, the editor, using
James Craik, physician, and Elisha C. Dick, physician, as authority,
states that a bleeder was procured in the neighborhood, who took from
the General's arm from twelve to fourteen ounces of blood, in the
morning; and in the afternoon of the same day was bled copiously twice.
More than that, it was agreed upon by these same enlightened doctors, to
try the result of another blood-letting, by which thirty two ounces more
was drawn. And, wonderful as it may seem to the intelligent mind at this
day, they state that all this was done without the slightest alleviation
of the disease. The world has become more wise now, and experience has
shown how ridiculous this system of bleeding was. What is true in regard
to the human system is also true in regard to the animal. There are some
extreme cases in which I have no doubt moderate bleeding might render
relief. But these cases are so few that it should only be suffered to be
done by an experienced, careful, and skillful person. My advice is,
avoid it in all cases where you can.

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