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Red Raspberry A Favorite


The red raspberry (_Rubus Strigosus_) next presents the stamens as the
most conspicuous part of the flower, soliciting the embrace of the bee,
by pouring out bounteous libations more prized by our industrious
insect than wine. For several weeks they are allowed to partake of this
exquisite beverage; it is secreted at all hours and in all kinds of
weather. When the morning is warm we often hear their cheerful humming
among the leaves and flowers of this shrub, ere the sun appears above
the horizon. The gentle shower, sufficient to induce man to seek a
shelter, is often unheeded by the bee when luxuriating among these
flowers; even white clover, important as it is in furnishing the
greatest part of their stores, at this season, would be neglected if
there was only a full supply of this. Clover begins to blossom with the
raspberry, and continues longer. We have an insufficient supply (in
this section) in most seasons. Red clover probably secretes as much
honey as the white, but the tube of the corolla being longer, the bee
appears to be unable to reach it. Yet I have seen a few at work even
here but it appeared like slow business. Sorrel, (_Rumex Acetosella_)
the pest of many farmers, is brought under contribution, and furnishes

the precious dust in any quantity. Morning is the only part of the day
appropriated to its collection.

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