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Size Of Cap And Boxes

Category: HIVES.

A box for a cover or cap, that size inside, will fit any hive. The
height of this box should be seven inches. Of course other sizes will
do, but it is best to commence with one that we can adhere to
uniformly, and no vexations arise by covers not fitting exactly, &c. I
think this size is as near correct as we shall be likely to get; we
want all the room in the boxes that the majority of our stocks demand
for storing in a yield of honey,[4] at the same time not be
necessitated to give too much of the room in the height. They will
commence work in a box five inches high, much sooner than one seven or
eight. To give the requisite room, and have the boxes less than five
inches high, would require more than thirteen inches on the top, this
would make the hive too much out of shape; it would appear top-heavy.

[4] I have added a side box occasionally, but it has seldom paid
me for the trouble.

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