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Stocks More Liable To Be Destroyed Last Of Summer


But in July and August it is different in this respect; a single moth
may enter the hive when exposed, and deposit her whole burden of
several hundred eggs, as in the other case, but the heat from the bees
is now unnecessary to hatch them. The weather at this season will make
any part of the hive warm enough to set her whole brood at work at
once, and in three weeks all may be destroyed! This, and the fact that
more moths exist now than before, may account for the greater number of
stocks being destroyed at this season. Yet it is considered extremely
bad management to allow honey or combs to be devoured by this
disgusting creature. A little care to know the condition of the stocks
_is necessary_ to prevent their getting the start. These duties should
be fully considered before we take the responsibility of the care of

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