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Mark The Date Of Swarms On The Hive

Categories: LOSS OF QUEENS.
Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

Should you have so many stocks that you cannot remember the date of

each swarm without difficulty, it is a good plan to mark the date on

one side or corner of the hive, as it issues. You can then tell at once

where to look for a cell when wanted.

It will sometimes happen that a queen may be lost at the extreme end of

the swarming season, when no other stock contains such cells. I then

look around for the poorest stock or swarm that I have on hand, one

that I can afford to sacrifice, if it possesses a queen, to save the

one that has sustained this loss; this is not often the case, but is

sometimes. I have a few times put just bees enough with the queen to

keep her in a box, and kept them for this purpose, as was mentioned in

the last chapter. When introduced, the bees are generally killed, but

the queen is preserved.