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Methods Of Removing Combs From The Hive

Bee Keeping: Mysteries Of Bee-keeping Explained

The most convenient way to remove combs from the hive is to take off

one of its sides, but this is apt to split the boards, if it was

properly nailed, and injure it for subsequent use. With tools such as

have been described, it may be done very nicely, and leave the hive

whole. The chisel should have the bevel all on one side, like those

used by carpenters. When you commence, turn the flat side next the

board of the hive, and the bevel crowded by the combs will follow it

close the whole length; with the other tool they are cut across the

top, and readily lifted out. If preferred, they may be cut across near

the centre and take out half a sheet at a time; this is sometimes

necessary on account of the cross-sticks.