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Further Objections To A Sectional Hive

Category: HIVES.

I can see no other way but to break the box, look her up, and help the
helpless thing home, (the chances of being stung may be here too.) Now,
for a time at least, they must use the other drawer for breeding, where
most of the cells are unfit. There is altogether too great a proportion
of drone-cells; these, as well as the other size, will nearly all be
much too long, and will have to be cut off to the proper length, a
waste of wax as well as labor. Another thing might be set down per
disadvantage of Mr. Cutting's hive; the job of getting a swarm into
such hive, at first, I fancy would not be desirable to many. Now, when
we strike the balance, putting expense, difficulties, and perplexities
on one side, and simplicity and economy on the other, it appears like a
"great cry for little wool." But stop a moment, four other advantages
are enumerated in its favor: second, third, and fourth are borrowed
from the common hive, or are all available here when required. But
fifthly, allows a "column of air between the drawers and outside of the
hive, is a non-conductor of heat and cold," &c. This is an advantage
not possessed by the common hive; neither does the common hive offer
such advantages to the moth, by affording such snug quarters for worms
to spin their cocoons, when they cannot be destroyed without
considerable trouble.

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