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Obtaining A Queen From Worker Brood


There is yet another method to be adopted, and that is, to obtain a
piece of brood-comb containing workers' eggs, or larvae very young. You
will generally find it without much trouble, in a young swarm that is
making combs; the lower ends usually contain eggs; take a piece from
one of the middle sheets, two or three inches long, (you will probably
use smoke by this time without telling). Invert the hive that is to
receive it, put the piece edgewise between the combs, if you can spread
them apart enough for the purpose; they will hold it there, and then
there will be ample room to make the cells. They will nearly always
rear several queens. I have counted nine several times, which were all
they had room for. But yet I have very little confidence in such
queens, they are almost certain to be lost.

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