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Nothing But Bees Needed In A Hive

Category: SWARMING.

Now I cannot say positively that these things do harm, yet I am quite
sure they do no good, as nothing but bees is needed in a hive. Is it
reasonable to suppose they are fond of all the "knick-knacks" given
them? I have never used any, and could not possibly have done better. I
am careful to have the hive sweet and clean, and not too smooth inside;
an old hive that has been used before is scalded and scraped.

But to the manner they get the bees in, after the hive is ready. A
table is set out, and a cloth spread on it; sticks are put on to raise
the hive an inch or more: if they succeed in getting the swarm even on
the outside of the hive it is left; if they go in, it is well; if they
go off, why hope for "better luck next time." The hive is left
unsheltered in the hot sun and when there is no wind, the heat is soon
insupportable, or at least very oppressive; the bees hang in loose
strings, instead of a compact body, as when kept cool; they are very
apt to fall, and when they do, will rush out from every side: if the
queen chances to drop with them, they _may_ "step out." Two thirds of
all the bees that go to the woods are managed in this, or a similar
manner, and may it not be said, they are fairly driven off?

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