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Not Disposed To Sting


They seldom offer to sting during this part of the operation, even when
the box is taken off without tobacco smoke, and carried away from the
hive; after a little time, the bees finding themselves away from home,
lose all animosity.

As honey becomes scarce, less brood is reared; a great many cells that
they occupied are soon empty; also, several cells that contained honey
have been drained, and used to mature the portion of brood just started
at the time of the failure. We can now understand, or think we do, why
our best stocks that are very heavy, that but a few days before were
crowded for room and storing in boxes, are now eager for honey to store
in the hive; as there is abundant room for several pounds. They will
quickly remove to the hive the contents of any box left exposed; or
even risk their lives by entering a neighboring hive for it; after
being allowed to make a beginning, under such circumstances.

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