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Method Of Killing Worms In Boxes


Now, whether you are satisfied or not with the foregoing, we will
proceed with the remedy. Perhaps you may find one box in ten that will
have no worms about it, others may contain from one to twenty when they
have been off a week or more. All the eggs should have a chance to
hatch, which in cool weather may be three weeks. They should be
watched, that no worms get large enough to injure the combs much,
before they are destroyed. Get a close barrel or box that will exclude
the air as much as possible; in this put the boxes, with the holes or
bottom open. In one corner leave a place for a cup or dish of some
kind, to hold some sulphur matches while burning. (They are made by
dipping paper or rags in melted sulphur.) When all is ready, ignite the
matches, and cover close for several hours. A little care is required
to have it just right: if too little is used, the worms are not killed;
if too much, it gives the combs a green color. A little experience will
soon enable you to judge. If the worms are not killed on the first
trial, another dose must be administered. Much less sulphur will adhere
to paper or rags, if it is very hot, when dipped, than when just above
the temperature necessary to melt it; this should be considered, as
well as the number of boxes to be smoked, size of the vessel used in
smoking them, &c.

Whether this gas from burning sulphur will destroy the eggs of the moth
before the worm appears, I have not tested sufficiently to decide; but
I do know that it is an effectual quietus for the larvae!

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