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Making Them Drunk And Their Execution By Chickens


Mix with water just enough molasses and vinegar to make it palatable;
this is to be put in white saucers or other dishes, and set among the
hives at night. Like nobler beings, if not wiser, when once they have
tasted the fatal beverage, they seem to lose all power to leave the
fascinating cup; but give way to appetite and excitement till a fatal
step plunges them into destruction! The next morning finds them yet
wallowing in filth, weak and feeble. Whether they would recover from
the effects of their carousal if lifted out of the mire, and carefully
nursed like other specimens of creation, I never ascertained. With but
little trouble a chicken or two will learn to be on hand, and greedily
devour every one. Hundreds are caught in this way, although many other
kinds besides the bee-moth will be mixed with them. This drink may be
used till dried up, occasionally adding a little water; perhaps it is
better after fermenting. This recipe appeared some years ago in some
paper; I have forgotten where. Salt has been recommended to prevent the
mischief of the worms, as well as a benefit to the bees. I used it
pretty extensively for several years, as I thought without much
benefit, and got tired. I then tried salting a part, and let the rest
do entirely without, and found no difference in their prosperity. Since
then, some ten years ago, I abandoned its use altogether, and succeed
just as well.

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