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Means Of Protection


The face and hands are most exposed; for the latter, thick woollen
mittens or gloves are best; the sting is generally left when thrust
into a leather glove. For the face procure one and a half yards of thin
muslin or calico, sew the ends together, the upper end gathered on a
string small enough to prevent it slipping over the head when put on.
An arm-hole is to be cut out on each side; below is another string to
gather it close to the body. As I do not expect you to work in the
dark, we will have a place cut out in front, and a piece of coarse lace
inserted; that which will just prevent a bee from passing, is best, as
it gives us a better chance to see. To keep it from falling against the
face, a wire is bent around and sewed fast. Any person that knows how
to put on a shirt will manage this. When thus equipped, and other
garments of proper thickness, the most timid ought not to hesitate to
venture among them, when necessary. I cannot avoid cautioning you again
to beware of irritating your bees, until this protection is necessary,
as it is a rather bad state of things. With this on, you cannot
conveniently use any smoke. To put this on and off is considerable
trouble, and every time you go among them, if you have to resort to
this, I fear some necessary duties will be neglected. Whenever a
partial protection will do, I would recommend a handkerchief; it is
always at hand, and can be put on in a moment; throw it over the head,
letting the ends fall around the neck and shoulders, covering all but
the face. The hat can come on over it. As for the face, whenever a bee
comes around in a menacing attitude, hold it down--unless he stings at
the first onset, there is not much risk.

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